How to smash Budapest!

Budapest is fast becoming a city on every traveller’s list, and rightly so. It has a rich history of imperialism and communism, gorgeous architecture, interesting flavors, a plethora of local beers and it is cheaper than most cities in Europe! Hungary’s currency known as Forint, is notoriously weak (especially towards gbp) and as a result, you can really splash out in Budapest and not have to worry too much.

Our trip in Budapest was helped along by our Air bnb hosts who gave us a small guide of the city and where to eat, drink, party and so on. It is only fair that I pass this knowledge on to everyone else and a few more things that I think might excite you.

First of all, I’ll give you my impressions of Budapest. The first thing you’ll notice is how clean the streets are and how highly organized it is. People have posted many negative comments on forums about its ‘archaic’, and “vintage’ transport system, but we found it quite pleasant in comparison to Rome. The food in Budapest is unusual but delicious and eating out can be incredibly cheap if you know where to go. The sights aren’t as grandeur as Rome, London or Paris, but I think they are dazzling in a unique, Hungarian way. The people are very friendly and most of them speak a decent amount of English, which although isn’t a quantifier for how good a place is, can be very helpful. All in all, it’s a nice place, and I’d certainly recommend a visit.

Where to go? (touristy stuff)

Parliament absouletly beautiful, there is a museum underground of the main courtyard called 1956 (the end of the communist era) and also a nice building next to it.

Buda Castle The castle itself isn’t amazing, but it does have a lot of museums inside it including Hunagrian national gallery which is not free.
Fishermans bastion very nice place in a gorgeous little neighbourhood with many other smaller attractions like hospital in the rock and a few museums.

Daunbe epic river with some gorgeous bridges. There is an island not far from parliament which we didn’t get to visit, so you could check it out.

Memorial park we paid about 8 euros for two people to go to this place. It was shit and way too far from the city.IMG_0661
great synagogue Beautiful place but way too expensive to enter. If you are interested in synagogues, this is the largest in Europe, so maybe worth a look. It is heavily guarded, so no fucking around.

jewish quarter full of interesting dive bars, but most of them are overpriced. Look for a local authentic dive bar.

Szechenyi baths We didn’t get to go, but it was on our list. Don’t forget your bathing suites!
House of Terror If I had more time, I would have definitely done this.
Castle Walk Nice pleasant stroll that leads to Buda castle.
New York Café When it opened it was dubbed as the most beautiful café on earth, and it is spectacular. The prices were too much for a budget traveler and the service isn’t as good as other Hungarian eateries.

Where to go? (lesser known)
People’s Park way out of the city, but still a nice place to relax with plenty of trees.
Instant a huge dive bar with 3 bars, a nightclub, and many other random rooms which hold events. You can go here any day of the week and it will be raving!
Pozsonyi Kisvendeglo local cheap Hungarian cuisine, not too far from the city centre.
Hospital in the rock a museum near the fisherman’s bastion
Ruin bars there are so many cool communist era buildings that have been converted into bars. Check the Jewish quarter.

What to do?

Relax in the thermal baths there aren’t many cities in the world that you can do so for such a cheap price.
see the sights you have to, right?
try an escape the room challenge these are found all over trip advisor and they are some of the top rated attractions
drink the local beer/wine it’s less than 50 cents for a glass of wine in local bars
try some Goulash or other local food it’s unusual but essential and it tastes good
Learn the language you should everywhere you go really. Just as a polite gesture or to help yourself
Learn about the history so much has happened here

What NOT to do?

Take a taxi from the airport it will cost you over 7000 forint (25 euros) whereas public transport is 350 forint per person
Buy individual travel tickets unless you need to….
Eat fast-food like McDonald’s it’s wayyyy overpriced
Try and spend big notes in convenient stores it ain’t gonna happen.

I think there’s enough info for you to take away and enjoy yourself. I don’t want to wipe your backside, but sometimes it is better to know where to go 🙂



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